Serving people with developmental disabilities since 1904

Genesis Transitional Program

After speaking with parents, high school special education departments and local businesses, we uncovered glaring research that proved all too often, young adults with disabilities are leaving public schools lacking the necessary skills to understand clearly the responsibilities that come with live independently and working in the community. Recognizing that no one was taking accountability for these individuals’ success post-high school, St. Coletta developed the Genesis program in 2015, with a focus primarily on transitioning-aged young adults with disabilities (ages 16 and up) looking to building upon their skills sets to help them integrate successfully from high school into independent living and community employment. Upon admission to our program, each student is assessed based their personal skill sets and competencies, then they are assigned either to classroom 1 or classroom 2. Both classroom’s instructors develop individualize lesson plans based on the needs of the students in their class.

Classroom 1: The primary focus of this classroom is to offer tutoring in necessary life skills on a basic level. Math, reading personal behaviors and money counting skills along with a varietyof other developmental lesson plans. The idea is to facilitate the individual’s growth in these basic areas, and then once mastered, they would transition to Classroom 2 to build upon their
newly learned skills.

Classroom 2: Advanced learning occurs for these students on the level that is beyond the standard high school’s curriculum. Students will focus on budgeting, career exploration, health & wellness and vocational skill building. Lessons
also include tax filing, loan application, citizen’s rights, employment training and scheduling transportation.

All classes are led by education degree-holding instructors (Bachelor and Masters) with years of experience in the special education field.