Serving people with developmental disabilities since 1904

Excel Day Program

The Excel program provides a person centered holistic approach, which promotes the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical development of each participant. Excel empowers program participants and their support team by respecting choices in order to achieve positive outcomes for their life in the following areas:

• Daily Living
• Personal-Social
• Functional Academics
• Spirituality
• Community Participation
• Rec/Leisure

In accordance with the mission and values of St. Coletta, the goal of the Excel program is to develop or enhance appropriate personal-social and daily living skills that are necessary for the participants to sustain an individualized level of independence, responsibility and contribution.

Excel offers a variety of day program
activities including:

• Work Habits Enhancement/development
• Functional Academics
• Functional Communication
• Safety Skills Training
• Mobility Skills Training
• Personal Social Skills Training
• Daily Living Skills Training
• Referral to other programs
• Person-Centered Planning
• Functional Assessment
• Case Management